Hi-Alumina Retention System

StelBolt® was designed to both repair and upgrade existing furnace linings. StelBolt® can easily penetrate and hold onto a refractory fiber, insulating firebrick or light weight monolithic lining.

For repairs, a blanket patch can be placed over a damaged area and very simply the StelBolt® is drilled or ratchet driven through the new hot face and into the back up lining. StelBolt® will easily penetrate wallpaper linings, modules and low density board linings. No mark-out required, simply StelBolt® as required.

StelBolt® Styles & Lengths

The reduced length takes advantage of StelBolt® technology in lower temperatures and in furnaces with thinner linings. A new surface layer of insulation can be held in place with only a 6″ length of StelBolt®.

Retention Washer

For multiple layers of insulation or overhead applications, we recommend our 3″ diameter washer to maximize lining support. Slip it on just prior to final insertion of StelBolt®.

Advantages >>

  • • Eliminates ceramic fiber lining tear-out
  • • Eliminates ceramic fiber lining disposal
  • • Upgrades furnace operating use limit
  • • Upgrades furnace lining life
  • • Eliminates welding of anchoring system
  • • Equally effective over all ceramic fiber systems as well as insulating
      firebrick and insulating castable
  • • Eliminates anchoring mark-out
  • • Upgrades furnace insulating value
  • • "Simplicity with Effectiveness"

Applications >>

  • • Current ceramic fiber lined furnaces in any industry
  • • Current insulating firebrick lined furnaces
  • • Light weight castable lined furnaces

Industries Served >>

  • • Iron & Steel
  • • Forging
  • • Ceramic
  • • Aluminum - Primary & Secondary
  • • Chemical & Refining
  • • O.E.M. Furnace Builders
  • • Incineration
  • • Cremation