Polycrystalline Alumina Fibers

MAFTEC™ was developed in the 1980's by Mitsubishi Plastics Inc.,
for long term, high or cyclic temperature operation. MAFTEC™
"Polycrystalline Alumina Fibers", exhibit excellent thermal stability,
resiliency, erosion resistance and mechanical strength at
temperatures to 2912°F (1600°C).

MAFTEC™ is a Mullite fiber. Mullite is a stable material that does
not change molecularly through the temperature range, up until it
melts (3362°F (1850°C). The silica in MAFTEC™ is contained
within the structure of Mullite and is not allowed to form free silica.
MAFTEC™ fiber diameter averages 5 microns.

Advantages >>

  • • Extremely low shrinkage: 1% at 2552°F (1400°C);
      1-1/2% at 2912°F (1600°C)
  • • Extreme Weight Reduction: lining densities of 8-10#/cu.ft.
      compared to monolithic of 150-160#/cu.ft.
  • • Weight and thickness tolerances to ensure value
  • • Total Thermal Shock Resistance
  • • Resiliency Performance: to 2372°F (1300°C)
  • • Service Temperature Range: up to 2912°F (1600°C) continuous
  • • Installed easily and quickly in all temperature environments
  • • Higher Tensile Strength-maintaining lining integrity
  • • Low, Low, Low shot content due to manufacturing technology

Industries Served >>

  • • Iron & Steel
  • • Forging
  • • Ceramic
  • • Aluminum - Primary & Secondary
  • • Chemical & Refining
  • • O.E.M. Furnace Builders
  • • Incineration
  • • Cremation